Tax Tips

On the surface, numbers on a balance sheet or income statement can be simple yet deceptive. But to the trained eye, they can reveal untapped potential, possible pitfalls or even stealthy manipulation. By performing an Observations Assessment, Akountus can help you harness the power of your financial statements or avert disaster before it's too late. Here's just some of what our unique Observations Assessment process can do for you:

  • Assess the health of your business through an examination of key financial ratios
  • Signal any potential surprises in your current and future taxes
  • Evaluate your asset performance, risk and profit vulnerability
  • Spot problems in your routine bookkeeping and record-keeping systems
  • Clarify and strengthen your business strategy, including goals and action plans

Objectively analyzing key ratios, tax structures and record-keeping process empowers you to take a number of actions: increase sales, reduce costs, bolster marketing efforts. In other words, an Akountus Observations Assessment allows you to take the necessary steps to keep your operation in top form.

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